Who Are You Guys?

Thank you for choosing to participate in a Davis Research web survey. In case you are wondering who we are, Davis Research is a national market research company located in Calabasas, CA. First and foremost, you should know that we are a public opinion firm not a telemarketing company. We have been in business almost 40 years and abide by the Marketing Research Association code of ethics. We are real people asking for your opinion!

  Who Hired You?

Companies large and small recruit us to help them find out how to better serve their customers. The company that contacted you did so because they consider you to be a valuable part of their customer base. Itís important to note that you were one of only a select few chosen.

  Why Me?

The company may have picked you for any number of reasons. The point is they need you to tell them what you think and why you think that way. Simply put, you were chosen because we feel your opinions represent thousands of people.

  What Now?

You probably ended up at this site because you couldnít remember the URL that we gave you to access your survey. No problem. All you have to do is send an email to the following address with your user ID and Password. In a few hours theyíll send you the correct URL and youíll be on your way! Thanks for taking time to respond. Itís because of people like you that the products we all enjoy keep getting better. Send that email to support@davisresearch.com and have a great day.